Complete care with no additional or hidden costs

  • Thirty-one (31) 12x12 box stalls
  • Foaling and equine medical intensive care stalls - monitored with cameras.
  • Six pastures with run-ins totaling approximately 15 acres. Pipe and board fending around each pasture.
  • Heated office area with bathroom and kitchen.
  • Three tack rooms near 2 grooming stalls.
  • Wash area with hot and cold water.
  • LIghted outdoor arena is 75x145 feet with board fencing.
  • Indoor arena is 55x65.

Feed consists of

  • 1st cutting Timothy and Timothy/Alfalfa hay
  • Patriot Performance 12% protein complete pelleted grain
  • MoorMan's® GROSTRONG®, Patriot Easy Minerals, MoorMan's® MOORGLO®
  • Any owner supplied supplements

Stall Board Monthly Fee: $400

Pasture Board Monthly Fee: $275

We will blanket, put on fly masks, and boots as necessary without any additional fees.


Nearby riding trails - Kensington Metro Park, Highland Recreational Area, Pontiac Lake, Proud Lake and Brighton State Park - as well as trails through the property.

Trail Map

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Please contact Liz regarding questions about boarding by calling: 248-767-9502, or Fill out our Contact Form.

Lessons & Training

Liz offers private lessons so that students get her complete focus. She will customize the lesson to best suit the needs of you and the horse.

Private Lessons are $30 for a 45-60 minute session


Purchase a pack of 5 Private Lessons for only $135.

Liz also provides full training services for English & Western disciplines, which are customized specifically to your horses needs.  Training is based on the principles of Dressage, which helps provide a solid foundation for horse and rider. She can start young horses or work with seasoned veterans. She can work to alleviate aggression, fear and anxiety in horses that have been exposed to bad experiences. She can recondition those who have been off due to lameness or neglect.

Full Training service includes:

  • Working your horse under saddle, lunge line and ground work
  • Training Program 5-days a week
  • One to three sessions per week can be used as a lesson for the owner
  • Training regimen modified as needed based on individual needs

Cost for Full Training Program: $650 which includes stall board.

Equine Medical Intensive Care

At Equinox Farm, we have had specialized training to move and care for injured or incapacitated horses. As well as more than 30 years of horse experience, Liz also holds an Operational Certificate for Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue.   Todd is currently a nurse technician at the UofM Hospital Surgical ICU and holds an Awareness Certificate in Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue.  We do not hold any veterinarian certifications. 

We will work with you and your veterinarian to provide the follow-up care that is required for your injured horse. Our stalls can be customized with cameras, heat, added ventilation and shavings /straw as well as small and safe paddocks.  We have methods and tools that can be used to assist horses in walking.  If they cannot walk then we have the capability and knowledge to safely drag them on a tarp or body board into a trailer or stall.

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Medical Intensive Care: Daily rates start at $15/day - contact Liz Snoblen for a quote

Other Professionals that keep our horses healthy and happy:
  • Farrier - Bill Parsons
  • Vet - Dr. Michael McLaughlin
  • Feed Dealer: Munson Feeds
  • Hay - Paul Jaworsky
  • Dentist - Dr. Lisa Carter
  • Chiropractor - Dr. Moray

Other equine professionals are welcome at owner's discretion.


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